Family, Friends And You

Family, Friends And You

If you a very close knit network of friends and family whom you can rely upon it is always better to be together in this testing time. You have a partner who is committed to the same goals as you, and friends and family who are likely more than willing to help in whatever way they can.

Although friends and family may mean well, you may find that there are some people in your life who ˜get it better than others do. Advice such as ˜just relax and it will happen, or ˜try not to think about it so much, or stories of others experiences may or may not be what you want to hear. Old recipes such as fertility is all in your head or take a vacation and you will get pregnant do not work if you have a medical condition that requires diagnosis and treatment.

Remember there is no shame in going through infertility. You can overcome this by learning strategies that help keep the lines of communication open and your relationship alive. For instance, communicate positive as well as negative feelings, keep your sense of humour and set aside time to enjoy each other’s company.

Your partner should not be your only means of support. Try to build a network of trusted family members and friends who you can turn to when you’re feeling down to take some pressure off your partner and don’t hesitate to seek professional help. Infertility can put a terrible strain on your emotional well-being and a mental health professional can help you get through rough periods.

Each person handles stress and pain differently. Some people find comfort writing their thoughts in a journal while others choose yoga or exercise as a stress reliever. Coping strategies that are healthful make you feel better and can make a difficult process manageable. Another vital part of this process is to grieve the many losses that make up the infertility experience. You may be mourning a miscarriage, a failed IVF cycle or something as elusive as the dream of parenting but it’s important to acknowledge the loss.

Finally, don’t forget to have fun! Often people experiencing infertility deny themselves pleasures like travel or having a night out on the town. They spend so much time consumed with treatments and planning for the future that they ignore the importance of finding joy in the present.

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