Emotional Health, Counselling and Fertility Treatment

Emotional Health, Counselling and Fertility Treatment

Few couples are prepared for the diagnosis of infertility, and for most, this will be one of the greatest challenges they face together. Fertility treatment can affect a couples work, family, relationship, social life and self-esteem.

Although everyone is different, there are some common questions that come up for many couples. Have you wondered about any of the following:

  • How to deal with your friends who are getting pregnant and having babies?
  • Who to tell and what to tell?
  • How to fend off unwanted questions and/or comments?
  • How to relieve tension?
  • How to keep your relationship strong?
  • How to deal with the workplace and frequent absences?
  • How to find strength and strategies to keep going cycle after cycle?

It is strongly recommended that anyone undergoing fertility treatment attend at least one counselling session at the start of treatment. At our Centre, you have the opportunity to use a complimentary counselling session once during every stimulated cycle. You will find out more about the emotional processes involved in fertility treatment, realistic expectations of outcomes, both physical and emotional, and how to prepare for and manage the rollercoaster of emotions.

It is very common to fear that getting counselling means that there is something wrong with you or that it confirms a weakness and inability to handle treatment. But this is not the real scenario infertility helps you manage emotions, cope better with day to day stresses, whether these are related to treatment or not, and ultimately prevent long-term problems, such as depression or anxiety.
Overall, our goal is to help you gain a greater sense of control and reclaim life amidst treatment. It is therefore our role as Counsellors to help you identify which strategies would suit you the best. We become support person, educator, counsellor, therapist, mediator, and life coach.

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