Embryo Transfer

Embryo Transfer

  • How we decide on which day to transfer your embryos
  • Embryo transfer represents the final stage of the IVF treatment and is the climax of the IVF treatment cycle. How do we decide on which day to transfer your embryos ? Day 1 ? Day 2 ? 3 ? 5 ? Which is better ? and why ?
  • Unfortunately, human reproduction is not a very efficient enterprise. most embryos do not become babies. This is because many embryos have a genetic error ( which is often random) and will not implant, because Nature will prevent them from doing so. This is why the implantation rate even for top quality embryos is about 40%.

    We are very flexible on the day of embryo transfer to increase our chances of success.

  • Uterine Embryo Transfer

    • This is the standard procedure. In this procedure, the Embryos are directly transferred into the uterine cavity.
    • The procedure usually does not need Anaesthesia.
    • Number of embryos to transfer is decided considering the day on which the transfer is performed.
  • On which day post icsi/ivf, can we perform embryo transfer ?

  • Generally embryos are transferred on Day 2, Day 3 and Day 5 post ICSI / IVF. Remember that day of egg collection is Day 0.

  • How do we decide on which day to transfer your embryos back to the uterus?

  • There are multiple variables which we consider while deciding when to transfer your embryos back to your uterus.

    • Number of Follicles developed during superovulation:
    • Number of eggs retrieved after Vaginal Egg Collection
    • Total number of Mature Eggs (MII) injected
    • Number of Eggs fertilized (i.e. Eggs with 2 pronuclei in them)
    • Day 2 transfer can be considered for all patients.
    • Need to have at least 6 embryos on Day 1 to consider transferring embryos on Day 3
    • High number of Supernumerary Embryos can be frozen after transferring the best embryos into your uterus.
    • Only 40 % Embryos make it to Day 5. This means patients with few eggs and those with a low fertilization rate cannot be considered for Day 5 Embryo Transfer.
    • Low Freezing rate for supernumerary embryos as all Embryos don’t turn out to be top quality on Day 5.
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